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interview. >> the president speaking on the result of budget negotiations. >> been morning and thank you for joining us on this monday morning. we want to remind you of that date for a lot of inland hillary as it will be cooler. we'll be relatively mild and
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all lot cooler this week. we'll have more on this in just little >> bit now look > > i've been talking about a strong wind advisory but the california highway patrol has now cancelled this the metering lights have not been activated. i will have a full check of your bay bridges in my next report. >> pittsburgh police are investigating as second shooting in less than a week on a hiking trail. they got reports of up shots fired barn harbors street when they arrived on same day and got more reports at crest
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deal and eldorado. we have the latest >> we know the victim and six hours after the shooting they are still here. it happened 1155 last night no one should have been on the trail at that time that relish closed at 10:00 p.m. the man was taken to the hospital and his condition is unknown nil a rest have been made in this case we do not even know how many people that were involved. last wednesday another shooting and that victim
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died over the weekend he was a 20 year-old man we do not know the name of this at a new victim. the police have promised me at a press release and i will bring it to you as soon as i get it. >> we're now hearing from jaycee dugard. she was held captive for 18 years she taught in her first interview about the pain and the termination she felt when she gave birth to go guido's first child. she was 18 and in the backyard. she gave it to abc's diane sawyer. i felt like i wasn't
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alone anymore. >> the u.s. coast guard will continue their search for the missing fishermen. the coast guard completed their sixth search. there are still no signs of the missing fishermen. they will be searching once again this morning >> in russia a cruise ship carrying over to launder eight people. 13 people are confirmed death an overall hundred are still missing this is a half century old bocboat survivors are saying
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the boat tilted and does sank. everthe boat sank 2 mi. offshore in 65 ft. of water. >> there is worry and concern that u.s. will not pay their bills by august the second. . we plan on
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bringing you live and the news conference hot from president barack obama. it will be interesting to see how the dow jones reacted to the news conference later on this morning a bad crash in the tort of fronttour de fra. such a big school year. e
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then i i told the lee like someone was indeed one time >> we are waiting to hear from president obama he is expected to hold a news conference at 8:00 a.m. to discuss the u.s. government deb showt down as we get closer to reaching our debt limit. no budging and he was the scene as they met yesterday the president was continuing to push for a deal and arrange for four trillion dollars worth of deficit cuts over the next decade. republicans are now
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willing to slash about half of that amount the u.s. government expected to run out of money on august 2nd if no deal is reached. the president is the key at a a.m. and will bring that to you live. >> phinetta is in baghdad to meet with leaders to talk about keeping troops in baghdad until 20 look 11. --until 2011. >> i wanted a chance to meet with the men and women who are putting their lives on the line for our country. you are the ones that i am responsible for, you are the ones that i care about, you are the ones that i want to make sure i protected not only for yourselves up for your family is. >> i read the police said three rockets hit baghdad green zone during his visit but no casualties reported in the attack. the time now
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is 6:12 a.m. take a look at the james lick. here it looks a little dry air and the payment look so went from all of that fog and drizzle, it is cool out there a big change in the weather for this work week we will talk about that and a couple of minutes. can save yy if you open up a charge card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information, and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock. lifelock is the leader in identity theft protection. relentlessly protecting your personal information to help stop the crooks in their tracks before your identity is attacked. protecting your social security number, your bank accounts, even the equity in your home. i didn't know how serious identity theft was until i lost my credit and eventually i lost my home. [ male announcer ] credit monitoring alone
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plus seasoned curly fries and a drink for only $3.99! what do you know? your only a baby! vrrrrooooom! i'm t-rex and i came out of extinction cuz i heard the combo was back! and that got a million hits? yep. why do we even make commercials anymore? 'cause you like to be in them. >> a live look from beautiful lake tahoe. the macy but the beaches are more crowded that is because there are small right now the lake level has been rising after a snowy winter. it was over six under feet above sea level measured last week that is about 5 ft. higher than the natural rim they said the latest level typically peaks in late june but all the snow may not allowed to peek until late july. more than
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61 ft. of snow fell in the sierra nevada, as the second-highest on record. >> speaking of snow come on the left-hand side the golden gate really got core car smacked. and on the right, click a look. >> burn this image in your head, this is what we will see day in day out. the low park fog cover, that misty drizzle. cool and cloudy this morning mild and breezy this afternoon. the overnight hours set us up for fog a for fogggy morning tomorrow. now of finance freeway in oakland is dealing with it all away down to the 580 interchange. we have the peninsula coastline the north bay and the debt that that stretch
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of 1 01 it dealing with it. we will be right back fog region into the wine country, like napa and sonoma. this should pull back about noon, as we head into a p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and towards midnight this pushes them far back into these they almost out to buy five. we will watch for that development overnight. the temperatures are still in the '50s and '60s. we had sunrise before 6:00 a.m. this morning. will we use unseat the temperature drop a few degrees before the sun comes out. san francisco is still holding steady at 52 oakland 53 a little cooler to the north bay napa coming in at 53 degrees right now. here's where the temperatures will go this afternoon it. 79 fairfield, 59 santas go, 64 oakland warming to about two degrees in fremont. we're looking for lost bottles and morgan hill to get close to 80. you
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may get to 80 the chances are you'll be right around 79 degrees. who nonetheless, a cool they'd say even cooler day tomorrow we will continue the cooling trend as we head into wednesday and thursday before we turn the corner and slowly began to warm things up on friday, saturday, and sunday. that is the forecast let me check your traffic. >> things are slowing down at the bay bridge incline traffic is a little heavy making its way across the upper deck. i just checked traffic logged, you and i have installed or accidents in the area. at the toll plaza traffic is slowing down ever so slightly coming from the 80 over crossing. be aware of that but not tracking it as a hot spot just yet. over the san mateo bridge traffic is a little heavy that is on the right side of your screen, the tail lights over towards foster city the conditions are little when the bill we do not have any special traffic is advisory's in the area. over at the golden gate bridge it looks as
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though the fog has return for your ride into san francisco. you can see traffic is very quiet in the area, no problem for your ride out of navato pass highway 37 and then down further. for those driving in san bruno, we do have an injury accident to report blocking a couple lanes and minor delays are reported just pass this seem curious that >> did not expect to see a lower price at the gas pump at least for now. as you can see the prices here right now that we found this morning as we also looked at the latest survey and found the two month drop in gas prices across the country has stopped house because there has been a steady rise in crude-oil prices and even though they have just gone down today that will not have much of an impact immediately at the comp. more news faster, let us turn to our solo reporter. what is the station at right now? and >> a $3.83 per gallon for
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regular, with this price went up a couple days ago we want to show some averages around the bay area him. and 387 per gallon-test $3.87 per gallon we were seeing $4 per gallon not very long ago everyone seemed very happy that it drop down to $3.70 but this is a roller- coaster ride for some. some experts say it may go up to $4 before the summer is out or by labor day weekend. the people i talked with said they will continue to do and what they plan to do which is live with the prices as they are. if they were going to travel they will do it if they were not going to they are not changing their plans now. that is what you see right now with the gas prices this summer. >> thanks a lot. >> the stories that we are watching on the bay bridge tonight's biggest machinery makers are putting the
6:21 am
final touches on the last section of that new eastern span. for the state out source manufacturing on the main parts of the bridge through a heavy industries co. and china and they say they saved $400 million in labor and material by outsourcing. how are fabricating the steel bars and the tower which is still expected to open in late 2013. to return with a police say trouble homicide may have actually been a drug deal gone bad. the three men were found shot and killed saturday in an apartment in a public housing complex in richmond investigators say they found several weapons at the scene the murders for the latest in a series of shooting in richmond that left three people dead and three others injured. fact >> antioch police detained 37 kids that violated the city's curfew. they did a sleep over the weekend and those detained were brought to the processing center at the police to apartment and then they had to go to the our reach counselors and be released back to their homes
6:22 am
and their parents. city ordinance prohibits anyone younger than 18 to be out in public areas between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.. oakland police are investigating an attempted robbery and shooting and was open less than one person to the hospital. it happened last night were two armed people attempted to rob to other people in the 1600 block of chestnut street. but it was around 10:00 p.m. entering the attacked one of the victims was shot in both of the attackers fled the scene that victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition and the robbers got away. >> we will be right back as the kron4 news continues coming up a hotel made famous by hollywood goes up in flames. if we will have more in the next half hour. a lot look at the san mateo bridge, a lot of fog showing up around the bay this morning. ♪
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the >> stock is down over 100 points right now concerned about european debt this economic data includes a variety of new reports including trade and inflation the commerce department is releasing international trade figures for may. and oil prices could fall below $96 per barrel after a sluggish report came out on friday before the dismal job report in went down from 1 04 to 90 in nine is backed up to $96 per barrel. >> at 6:26 a.m. the obama administration is spending $8 million in aid to been pakastani in military. relations have been strained since the raid that killed osama bin laden the u.s. has given pakistan billions of dollars in aid since the 911
6:27 am
attack. but pakistan has been reluctant to targets caliban militants that stage cross border attacks against nato troops in afghanistan. >> we will be right back as we continue after the break in live looks from mt. tam, a look sunny spot around the bay and we are also watching wall street. a dismal spot this morning down futures at 118, from nasdaq features down 28 it looks as though a rocky road today. @p@po'
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>> 52 degrees currently in navato morning to 67 by noon, 71 this afternoon a mild day in a bottle, not really that warm then it will cool back down to 63 degrees by 8:00 p.m.. the fog, the drizzle did breezy conditions out there will be something we will deal with the for the better part of the week i will have a complete with your forecast coming up in a little bit.
6:31 am
right now we will send it to erica and the traffic department. >> take a look at this, nice unlike conditions coming from all approaches. at the bay bridge toll plaza across the morning we were dealing with some strong winds but certainly not the case anymore, a traffic is moving well here as well as up the incline and across the upper deck, no problems for any of the other bay area bridges i will have a full check on monday morning commute straight ahead. >> we are following the latest developments this morning out his berkley's are investigating a second shooting on the delta of dianza trail. the shooting happened just before midnight the shots were fired a round with a laugh shooting took place. police arrived on the scene and then that is when they got reports of other shots fired. police are finding someone that was shot over on low road avenue so a second shooting on this trail. you can see it is running through the neighborhood. if will tran has been live on the scene
6:32 am
to out the morning and brings us the latest. >> new information to pass along the edges i done talking with an officer from the east bay regional park. he said that the victim is now out of surgery but we do not know if he is out of the woods. he was shot at around 11:55 p.m. last night. here is video that we got right after the shooting occurred. at this point all we know is that he is a man, we do not know any more description of him, hopefully we will hear more from east bay regional park. we know that he was fired upon at least once perhaps maybe more than that and the reason why the investigators are still here six and a half hours after the attack happened is because it had been waiting for the sun like to come up so that they and their release search of the scene and look for any shell casings. at this point according to the officer because it was dark overnight he was not able, he and his team were not able to to really go through this area and look for any shell casings. here is new video that we got about five minutes ago according to the
6:33 am
officers he received a phone call from his director to expand research and perhaps now there might have been shot on the other side of railroad avenue which is why you see the yellow tape there. it could happen before then and then the victim could have staggered across railroad avenue and then eventually stumbled to the ground i am currently located. but i can tell you that the police to promises that this is the third shooting in the past two months at this current location. no one should of been on the trail at that time it is close after sundown between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. so much more information to come out throughout the morning but that is the very latest. >> thank you and we will continue to check in with will tran live with the scene. for a >> a group protesting the death of a man that was killed during a confrontation with the bart police officers last week. the plan on taking over the bart platform at the civic center station this is video
6:34 am
from the civic center station outside on july 3rd set when the shooting happened. the group says no justice, no park they demand that the bart police department each permit be shutdown and both officers involved in the shooting of trawls he'll be fired. hill the bart police say had a knife in a broken bottle when they shot him last week on the train platform. he was shot in the front torso area and later taken to san francisco general when he died. the protest is hospital to be around for 30 p.m.. >> on the dow jones industrial average is down on hundred and 18 points we have a 700. ride up over the last two weeks. first concern about greece, ireland and portugal defaulting on their debts, and now our concerns return to italy and spain. worried about the economic situation in europe hurting wall street this morning.
6:35 am
>> right now we have live pictures from space shuttle atlantis, nasa is expected to give a briefing in about 10 minutes from now to see how things are going up in space. we are getting live pictures of what appears to be the view from atlantis, this possibly could be heard on the other side. that is coming up and about 10 minutes. >> of the shuttle's station complex sales into an orbital sun set over southern asia of moving from northwest to southeast. the work continues on board the complex and the pressurize nation in the vestibule between the logistics modules that you see in this picture which is bolted in place on the earth facing side of the, the module. you will hear about today's installation over-- and what has been a very busy for a day of the atlantis flight. and our
6:36 am
mission status briefing that is of coming in a few minutes. >> we are giving a live update before we get our official live update more information coming up and about 10 minutes on kron4 news. >> 6:36 a.m. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. let us take a look at our mount tancam and see how things are. the trees are blowing in a lot of cloud coverage.
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and >> of widespread fog returns for our evening hours but more fog in mortal expected for tomorrow morning. fulled it forecast in a minute. >> more news that we're following a wild crashes during stage nine, to this out. this is the can ricard hits one of the writers he goes down and check out this writer right into a barbwire fans. believe it or not the men were able to get up and continue the race. this all was caused by a camera car bumping one of the writers. >> in national news, one of the popular twilight movies caught fire, this is an inn the fire burned through the roof and did extensive damage to the second floor. this is the viewpoint inn in oregon. several parts of the twilight series were shot at that hotel because of the fire is under investigation.
6:41 am
>> doing a quick check of what is happening on wall street for everyone right now, the dow is down 120. account to 12,005 with 37 almost down 1%. we are waiting to see coming up at about 8:00 p.m. on the kron4 morning news will have a live status update from president obama of the debt talks which is one of the reasons why the market is not doing so well. we do plan on bringing those comments alive coming up on kron4 morning news. >> 6:41 a.m. will be back with more in a couple of minutes. it is today live look outside, we can see less and less as time passes, it is really foggy out there. we will be right back.
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>> that will keep us on the
6:46 am
cool side, as for when will the of fog pull back, we have the tracker set for 10:00 a.m. still seeing some low fog for over the east. we will see some clearing and get some sun shine on the east bay locations and get them warming up a little bit. but as you can see it does not take long. that fog and low cloud coverage comes right back by midnight it pushes inland, well past the i 5 corridor. we are looking for extensive cloud and cover fog tomorrow morning. to produce are fairly widespread, will have fifty's along the coastline, '60s around the media bay and '70s inland. as we advance the clock on the warmest part of the baby will get 80 out in the delta for antioch in brentwood. but more than likely will be about 80 degrees. most of the areas will deal with those really mild temperatures '70's and '60's for the inland in the immediate bay. it will be a cool day and may be an even
6:47 am
cooler day tomorrow. the seven day forecast of that we will continue cooling down through wednesday even into thursday it is not until friday that we turn the corner and warm up gradually. we will be below normal for the weekend, but at least the inland temperatures will be back up into the 80's. >> the good news is that we do not have any hot spots on our radar, easy conditions pretty much where you are headed around the bay area. the lights have been on at the bay bridge toll plaza but there is not really up anything here. i do not see a back up what so ever the traffic looked well. over at the san mateo bridge traffic is still a little bit heavy for the west bound correction on the rise out of your screen but no accidents to contend with. keep your usual drive time to about 15 minutes from into in. we are seeing the typical easy go traffic at the south bound 1 01 bay bridge those lights are going southbound toward santa francisco. you have
6:48 am
the late freak conditions for your ride. the only slow spot that we see on our traffic maps, no surprise westbound highway 40 right out of antioch this morning right near somerville, speed it down to the single digits and only 7 mi. per hour just passed there, expect your typical slow and gold conditions-- slow and go conditions. >> and the nasdaq is down over 125 points is down almost 1% concerned about what is happening with the debt showdown in the u.s. and talking about a second package increase. and debt for italy and spain weighing heavily on the markets today. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge have it wrapped up their visit and here they are on their final tour. we have details of their visit. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge maybe royal but
6:49 am
that does not mean they cannot get their hands dirty they painted pictures at the children's art school, the hour long and a visit to the low-income neighborhood school was their last visit after that they attended a job fair for the u.s. military and their families. >> this is the last event on our tour of north america but in my mind this is one of the sears the most important because it is about men and women who at their own free will choose to put their life on the line for their country. they are the front line of a remarkable relationship between the united kingdom, the united states and canada. >> saturday prince williams scored four goals to lead his team to victory during a charity polo match in santa barbara. that night they dined with celebrities like tom hanks and barbra streisand while attending a british academy salem and tv are to a dinner. will you is the president of bathda. >> i am very happy with the
6:50 am
success of that america has had in film, television and cable. >> they had to put your packages together before they left for veterans that are serving overseas. >> othe astronauts on the final space shuttle flight talked to an early start this morning. they hoisted a giant chunk out of nasa and it is a 21 ft. canister that holds more food and clothes and other things to help keep the orbiting outpost and its residents and business for least another year. to some cool massive video this is a time lapse. it sped up, but it shows the space shuttle pinging to get lined up to dock with the international space station. the move actually took several minutes, but we sped it up to 30 seconds to show you how cool it looks. the astronauts use the time to tityras a live pictures of the shuttle's heat shield to
6:51 am
check for damage but they did not find any. >> let us go live to a press conference where they're giving a status update on the atlantis mission. >> it is more like a reload than a rebuild. >> the last question i had before the shuttle launch there is a risk accessment you have that for the station as well, and what does it currently... >> let me make sure that i understand the question you're asking me over all do we do a risk accessment for the total debris? >> restore the shuttle, there is a risk of a catastrophic failure due to debris impact orbital debris impact like 300 and something i did not know what it is exactly your but i was just curious if there is a similar risk accessment for the overall probability of station risk? >> another we do risk
6:52 am
assessments and we are constantly reevaluating then we do risk assessments continually as the environment changes i do not have the number right now but i will work to give you that number and find out what it is for our station. but i know it is a variable number based on how the environment changes. it >> you are listening live to a shuttle update to see how atlantis is doing up in space. part of what they were just talking about was that it was a piece of junk that was threatening the mission but they have now said that the piece of junk is no longer a threat and it will not hit the shuttle. that is what they were talking about. >> 6:52 a.m. is the time coming up on kron4 morning news and hollywood baby boom over the weekend. will give you the first run down in the bus and take a peek at what is big at the box office. the arrested a live look at the golden gate bridge, getting even wetter.
6:53 am
even some water on our lens the deck looks a little wet and traffic is pretty heavy on this monday morning we will be right back.
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asked david beckham wife gave birth to a baby girl they have three other kids that are all boys, brooklyn, romeo and cruz they have a little girl whose name is harper and her middle name is seven. kate was and gave
6:57 am
birth, she and her husband had their first baby together this birth it gives hudson's son some her first marriage a sibling he is 7 year-old writer she and her husband that a divorce in 2007 and then it decided to get married after she had a second baby. >> according to steal estimates transformers on bark of the moon held the no. 1 spot with $47 million domestically in its second weekend. second place with over 28 million was horrible bosses. opening in third with sony pictures a family tell zookeeper. the dow was down but rebound slightly but it is still down today. concerns about european debt is the big story there will be right back as kron4 news
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